Is my OVOPUR unit covered by a warranty?

Our Warranties


The OVOPUR 100/60 Guarantee

The AQUAOVO experience is 100% guaranteed for 60 days!

At AQUAOVO, when you purchase an OVOPUR water filter or an OVOBAR beverage dispenser you get trial period of 60 days during which it may decide to return your purchase at any time if you are not fully satisfied. You just have to Submit a Request and obtain a return authorization. We will refund 100% of the value of the initial purchase price before shipping after the inspection of the returned product.*

* The shipping costs remain the customer's expense. The customer is responsible to properly package the product to ensure its integrity during transportation. Additional fees may be required if the product is damaged upon reception.


The OVO+ Guarantee

By adhering to the OVO+ AUTO Annual Replacement Program you get our free warranty on defects and accidental damage on your filtration unit. If at any time during the first 3 years after the purcahse of your unit  you have problems with an accidental breakage, we will replace the broken part free of charge. After the third year the broken part will be replaced at 50% of the regular price.

All the spare parts such as the tap are covered by a 1 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

* Transportation remains the at the customer's expense in the event of accidental breakage. The OVO+ subscription must be activated within the first 4 months after the purchase of your unit. The OVO+ subscription must be active at the time of the claim.


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