What should I do before I start using my ALTER EGO?

Before you use your Alter Ego duo for the first time or when using a new water filter, please follow these instructions step-by-step to flush your water filter.

  1. Remove filter assembly from bottle by pulling it up.
  2. Unscrew filter from filter assembly and remove sticker from filter bottom. (when needed)
  3. Screw flushing bulb onto threaded end of filter.
  4. Press open end of flushing bulb onto faucet and turn on at low pressure for approx. 2 minutes.
  5. Thread filter back into position onto filter assembly.
  6. Press-fit filter assembly back onto bottle.

You can fill the bottle with water using the top OR the bottom lid opening.

Drink from straw while bottle is upright. You can apply pressure on the bottle to help squeeze water out. Do not tilt the bottle while drinking.

Please download the attached Alter Ego user booklet for more details.


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