How to fix possible taste issues with my Alter Ego GlobeTrotter.

When using the Globetrotter filter cartridge an iodine concentration build-up can occur if the cartridge sits in the water for several hours without being used and it may give a strong iodine taste to the water in some cases. Iodine is not harmful and its presence is necessary to sterilize bacterias and viral pathogens.

The Globetrotter filter cartridge is designed to remove all iodine taste and smell from water when the concentration is not too high. Please follow the following flushing instructions if your water tastes like iodine:

  1. Remove filter assembly from bottle by pulling it up.
  2. Unscrew filter from filter assembly and remove sticker from filter bottom. (when needed)
  3. Screw flushing bulb onto threaded end of filter.
  4. Press open end of flushing bulb onto faucet and turn on at low pressure for approx. 2 minutes.
  5. Thread filter back into position onto filter assembly.
  6. Press-fit filter assembly back onto bottle.

Follow these steps if not in reach of a flushing bulb and/or and faucet.

  1. Empty the bottle, rinse it with clear water and remove all water from inside the filtration assembly and cartridge by blowing vigorously into the straw.
  2. Fill the bottle with fresh water and squeeze the water out of the filter assembly by pumping the bottle. Repeat 2 times
  3. Fill the bottle with fresh water and drink normally. The iodine taste should now be gone. Repeat if you can still taste or smell iodine. 
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